My passion for photography started in 1968 on a two month road trip
across the United States. Using just a simple “brownie” style camera
I found great personal pleasure in documenting all the details in the
beauty of America.

After completion of extensive photography studies in the early 70’s,
I spent many weeks over a four year period traveling throughout China as a photojournalist. From these experiences my style had improved to the
point that I decided to become involved in a local stock agency
that promoted my work nationally.

After many classes, darkroom experience, workshops and professional
affiliations my photography art has evolved from pure documentation to
stylized candids with a hint of preplanned design. My love of photographing children comes from the hundreds of rolls of film I spent on my own
two children (who are now adults!). They were my greatest
subjects, and to this day still my most personally fulfilling work.

My greatest growth has come from my memberships in the National, State and Local Professional Photographers Associations. From these organizations
I have had the opportunity to study with some of the great Master Photographers in our Country -- Monte Zucker, Dennis Reggie, David Ziser, Robert
and Suzanne Love and most importantly David Peters who has
taught me to look for the emotion in the image.

A certified professional photographer specializing in weddings,
environmental portraiture and special events I consider my profession very important in recording the visual history of the family of man. That is why capturing the environment that has meaning to my clients is critical
to the completed image.

I work both in color and, black and white. Hand-tinting black & white images
is one of my pleasures. I am also currently working with Polaroid film creating visual art pieces. In addition, having spent four years traveling via sailboat
I now have a collection of images on life in Central America including Cuba. 
There is much to learn from cultures less fortunate than us. 
My images speak to the importance of family and friends ...
they must be preserved for future generations.

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